The Corset Factory

I am not a person you can easily read, but I like to believe most people see me as a creative and joyful person, communicative and always having a joke hidden somewhere. My love for corsets and most of the 40's and 50's kept on growing. I love how women were dressed and how cute they were, all those laces and ribbons, the patterns and those beautiful pinups. From that point I wanted to try to look like one of them. I simply liked it and started on experimenting, creating my own clothing, mainly corsets. yes those 50's went away from us, but clothing, no, it's here, in The Corset Factory nothing was lost, it's all here from Retro, Rockabilly, Punk, Gothic, Pinup, Polka dots, the bows and laces, the cutest "girly" corsets ever, all of them are here. These are just a few of my creations. Each Corset is made from scratch with the highest quality fabric and trims, I don't just create my product, I let you choose your fabric, patterns, your colors, ribbons, and then with hard work and a smile, I create your unique corset, a corset that represents you and stands for The Corset Factory.